Dec. 8

Today I woke up, did some homework, and then Christina, Hilary, Kayla, Sam, Kari, Bri, and I went to a chocolate market down by the London Eye.  It was really crowded, but it was really cool.  They actually had real chocolate, unlike the British “chocolate”.  The British chocolate is pretty bad because their standards are not that high, so it doesn’t actually have to have much cocoa in it to be considered chocolate.  After the chocolate market, we went to a souvenir shop.  After that, the other girls went home, and Christina, Hilary, and I walked across the river to a phone booth where you can take really good pictures with Big Ben in the background.  After that, we went home and did some more homework.  That night we just went to Church Pub.  Some people were going to a club that was supposed to be really cool called Ministry of Sound, but it was expensive and SUPER far away, so we didn’t go.


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