Dec. 15

Today our cab came at 5:45, so we were up by 5:10.  Martin helped us bring our bags down the front stairs (thank god!).  The cab was a van, but we were still stuffed.  We sat in the way back of a van, with bags pilled behind us and in front of us.  Since it was early on a Saturday morning, there wasn’t much traffic, so we got to the airport around 6:45ish.  Once we got to the airport, I had to walk to Terminal 3.  The total weight of my bags is more than I weigh, so pushing my cart up hills and not letting it run away going down them was a little bit of a struggle.  I checked in, and my checked bags were just under 50 pounds, so those were ok.  For only the second time ever, the person made me weigh my red carry on, which turned out to be overweight for a carry on (which I did not know was possible), so I had to switch some stuff to my backpack before the lady let me go (which I promptly switched back once I was around the corner).  As I was waiting for my stuff after security (Heathrow still hasn’t gotten faster with searching stuff that gets flagged), I saw Kathy again, which is weird because Heathrow is a huge airport.  She wasn’t on my flight, but the one right before it.  After security took forever, I still had a bunch of time until my flight, so I ate breakfast, read, looked at the store, read more, ate lunch, and then finally got on my plane.  I’m currently 5 hours into my 9 hour flight, so hopefully I can sleep for part of the rest!


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