Dec. 14

Today I packed more, and then Teresa, Ashley, and I went to the Primark by school one last time.  I saw Kathy Lanser (a DSHA classmate) at Primark, which was super random.  She was studying in London for the semester too, but who would have guessed we wouldn’t see each other until the last day for both of us?  Of course we found stuff at Primark, which complicated packing.  Of course it was pouring out, which Kayla said was “London crying because we’re leaving.”  Later on, I went to dinner with Sam, Kayla, Bri, and Kari, and then we went to Church Pub for the last time.  It was pretty sad because everybody was saying good-bye, especially to people that were not on the group flight (like me).  Christina and Hilary didn’t end up making it, and some people were kind of mad haha.  After I got home, the three of us finished up packing and straightening things up a little bit.  Multiple suitcases had to get repacked, and we all needed help closing one or two.  I ended up going to sleep at 1:15, and I do not know when the other two got done packing and went to sleep.


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