Dec. 13

Today I only had management.  We only had two presentations (my group went yesterday), so it only went for about an hour.  After that, I went down to Harrods since I never really got a chance to explore it yet.  I ended up wandering around the store for a long time looking at all of the random stuff there.  There’s a spy gear section, and you can buy a life-sized Harrods bear for over 1,000 pounds.  I got lost a couple of times, and one time I ended up at the spot where kids line up to see Santa, which looked just like it did when we were there in 2001.  After Harrods I went up to Oxford Street.  I did one last round of the shops there.  After that, I went home to pack and get ready for the boat cruise.  We all met at Temple Pier at 7:15 for our boat cruise.  Everybody was dressed up, and everybody was there, including the professors and a couple people who were fairly anti-social during the semester.  It was pretty funny because the boat had not even left the pier and people were grabbing cups from the bar to pour the alcohol they brought with them into.  After we had some appetizers we put on music and danced.  It was pretty fun, and people even got some of the boys who do NOT dance to dance.  Every once in a while, somebody would yell out a landmark that we were passing and everybody would run out onto the (FREEZING) back deck of the boat to take pictures of it.  We saw the London Eye, Big Ben and Parliament, and we went under Tower Bridge several times.  It was really fun.  Once it ended, Christina, Hilary, Sam, Kayla, Bri, Kari, and I headed home.  Kayla was super tired and she fell dead asleep on one tube.  We had to wake her up quickly to change trains, and she was so asleep that she took two steps and fell back into the door that wasn’t open.


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