Dec. 11

Today I had my art history final, and then in history we did a “pub quiz” as our teacher called it.  Rochelle, Teresa, and I were the Ally Pally Babes (since we live around the Alexandra Palace Park), and we won so our teacher gave us little pins that were American and British flags intertwined.  Tonight was our last cultural event here in London.  We went to the Nutcracker.  The dancing was really amazing.  It was funny because a girl on our trip had never been to the Nutcracker, so she thought that it was another musical and was waiting for the people on stage to start talking and singing.  Another girl in our group had been in dance for years, so she would randomly applaud when the dancers did something that might look like just another move, but she knew that it was really hard.  At the end, people just kept clapping for about 20 minutes, and the dancers kept coming back for curtain calls.  It was funny because just as the clapping would slow down, people would come back out so you would have to clap again.  It took place in the opera house in Covent Garden, and it was really pretty (you could tell it was really old).  It was pretty as we walked back to the tube after too because Covent Garden is all decorated for Christmas.


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