Dec 4 and Dec 5

On Tuesday, we had our last Art History class (next week we just have the final).  We went to one of the White Cube galleries.  White Cube is one of the “best” of the contemporary galleries in London.  High end galleries like really expensive stores: things don’t have price tags on stuff and if the staff doesn’t see you as a legitimate possible buyer, they are not particularly friendly.  Since we were there as a class, they pretty much left us alone and let our teachers show us stuff.  Damien, a boy in our class, was wearing a suit because he was going to the opera later, so our teachers half-jokingly told him to ask the price of one of the smaller pieces because he looked the part of a buyer in his suit.  He left, and then 5 minutes later we saw him being escorted around the gallery by one of the workers, who was explaining all of the pieces.  The next thing we knew, she took him through a secret door we hadn’t noticed into a room that he later told us had the more expensive stuff that they only show to serious buyers who have unlimited amounts of money to spend.  Somehow, the lady bought his story that he was looking for a piece for his dad’s new house in LA.  It was pretty funny because even our teachers were struggling not to laugh, but Damien kept a totally straight face.  After that, since it was Damien’s birthday, we walked around the corner to one of our teacher’s flat, where she had cake and champaign waiting as a sort of birthday/last class party (it was Damien’s birthday).  Her flat must have cost millions of pounds – it had a huge deck with a panoramic view of London.  You could see the London Eye and Big Ben to the left, Lloyds in the middle, and Tower Bridge to the right.  It was really cool.  

Wednesday night we went to our second to last cultural event, Wicked.  It was really really cool.  The singers had AMAZING voices, better than any others I’ve heard in other plays here.  Everybody that went said it was their favorite play that they had ever seen.


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