Dec. 2

Today we all slept in a little, and then I met up with Teresa and Ashley, and we had a long list of places to go.  We started at Pettycoat Lane Market.  When the fam was here, we went to this market, and it sucked.  Today, since it was the weekend, it was about 25 times bigger.  It had really cheap stuff.  There were whole tables of souvenirs for a pound each, and I got some good deals on stuff, but I can’t mention it since these things might show up for Christmas…After that, we went over to Spitalfields Market.  That was cool, as always, but the only thing I ended up getting was a banana/strawberry/Nutella crepe.  After going through that whole market, we headed over to Covent Garden.  We walked around a checked out the Christmas decorations and found the Jack Daniels Christmas tree made out of barrels.  After walking all around there, we went over to the Tower of London to take picture of Tower Bridge at night, which was really pretty.  After that, Teresa left and Ashley and I walked over Tower Bridge and headed over to the London Eye, since neither of us had done it on this trip yet.  It was so cool!  Since it was night, everything was all lit up.  We couldn’t see Tower Bridge, but we could see Big Ben, Westminster, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, and we even spotted the rides at Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.  It was really awesome.


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