Dec. 1

Today we got up pretty early to head to the 1 pound scarf lady at the Portobello Market.  We got there pretty much just as people were finishing setting up, and since there were 9 of us and she recognized a lot of us, the lady and her husband pulled out almost all of the scarves from under the table that they brought for the lady.  It was pretty funny – we pretty much ended up buying her out. I’m not sure how many scarves the other girls bought, but I got 6, Teresa got 14, and Ashley ended up with 25!!  After that, we walked through the rest of the market.  We stopped for lunch, and then took the tube over to Hyde Park, where a huge part of the park is turned into Winter Wonderland.  It’s kind of weird.  One part of it is a gigantic Christmas market, but the other part is carnival rides and games with Christmas decorations on them.  The part honestly looks like it’s from a county fair.  After that, we went home, ate, and then a big group of people met up near Leicester Square and we all went on a bar/club crawl together, so that was fun.


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