Nov. 30

Today was our last group day trip.  We went to Leeds Castle and Canterbury.  We went to Leeds Castle first, and we got there right as it was opening.  It was a really cold day, but sunny, so it was really pretty with all of the frost covering everything.  We walked around the grounds and then toured the castle.  It was really pretty, and the castle was interesting because it’s kind of modernized in parts, and you can even rent rooms to sleep in for the night!  One of the girls in our group decided that she wants her wedding there because the grounds were so pretty.  After the castle, we went to Canterbury.  We went to the cathedral first, which was cool, and then we had free time.  A bunch of the boys sat in McDonalds for almost the whole time, but Ashley and I ate our sandwiches as we walked to save time because there were so many cute stores that we wanted to go into!  There was also a Christmas market stretching through the streets.  We ended up finding some good stuff, like from Cath Kidston, the British version of Vera Bradley, where they were having a random storewide sale.  Lots of people from our group ended up at that store…even the boys, who we told to get presents for their moms and sisters there!  (A few have been asking for help from the girls on our trip as to what to get female family members.)  When we got back, Hilary, Christina, Ashley, Rochelle, and I changed for the opera and went to dinner at an Italian place near school that is pretty good.  After that, we went to the opera (Carmen) with some kids from Art History class and our teachers.  It was really impressive.


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