Nov. 26

Since we’re done with our community service, we don’t have anything on Mondays except for class at 5:30 at night.  Therefore, Christina, Ashley, and I decided to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour today.  It’s only about a half hour train ride from central London, so it was easy.  Once we got there, we spent about 2 hours looking through the sets from the movies.  It was SO COOL!  We saw tons of sets, like Dumbledore’s office, the common room, Hagrid’s hut, the Burrow, and lots of others.  We also saw a lot of the costumes and wigs that people wore in the films.  In the outside part, we saw the Night Bus, the flying car, Hagrid’s motorcycle, Harry’s house, his parents’ house, wizard chess pieces, and the bridge that goes to Hogwarts.  We also saw models of creatures that were in the movies, and a scale model of Hogwarts that was pretty impressive.  We ended the tour in a store that sold everything remotely connected to Harry Potter, but we didn’t end up getting anything.  After that, Christina went home and Ashley and I went to this pancake place that a bunch of people went to for somebody’s birthday last week.  The pancakes are all discounted on Mondays, so it was pretty hopping.  I got a pancake with bacon, ham, chicken, and cheese baked into it, and it was really really good.  Later on, we had our Great Britain and the Euro class, and it was funny because at every break all of the girls were on different websites comparing Cyber Monday deals with each other.


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