Nov. 25

Today some people who had not done the ropes course yet did that in the morning.  Since I already did it, I went on a walk with a bunch of random people who wanted to find one of the lakes around Interlaken (it’s between 2 lakes).  We eventually found one of them and took a bunch of pictures by it.  It turned out to be really fun.  After that, we were all starving and we wanted American food, so we ended up at Hooters for lunch.  Yes, the small town of Interlaken has a Hooters.  After lunch, most people went back to the hostel, but Sam and I decided to keep walking since we had already checked out of our rooms and didn’t know what we would do at the hostel.  She and I ended up find the old area of Interlaken, a really pretty path by the river, and a Christmas market.  We tried to go back to where I had initially gotten my chocolate (that turned out to be really good), but it was closed so I got some at a different store.  By then, it was just about time to go to the chocolate show in town.  A hotel that is also a gourmet chocolate store runs shows where people can watch one of their chefs make chocolate.  It was really interesting.  He showed us how he makes caramel filled mini mountains, and he also showed us how he makes milk chocolate cows with dark chocolate details.  Everything was by hand, and it really showed how time consuming it is to make everything by hand like that.  At the end, we got to try everything he had made, in addition to some different truffles and the base white, milk, and dark chocolate.  After we all stuffed our faces, we got vouchers to buy some chocolate in the store, so I got about eight different flavored truffles that were of course delicious.  After that, we hurried back to the hostel to get back on the bus to go to the airport.  The Basel airport is lacking in food places.  I’m shocked that nobody sees what a retail opportunity it would be for a fast food place to go in.  Once we got back to London, we took a bus to the tube to a bus and went home.


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