Nov. 23

Today I went to a ropes/zip-line course.  It was so cool.  The stuff was really high up in the trees, and the ropes courses were actually pretty challenging.  What made it scary was that all of the lines are purposely loose, so if you shake a little bit the whole obstacle that you’re on will shake a ton.  I did the second and third highest/hardest courses and then the one course that was all zip lines.  About 15 UST people went plus a few others from our hostel, and it was really fun.  Other people went canyon jumping, skydiving, and paragliding.  After the ropes course, we went back to the hostel and got wraps for lunch at a place across the street.  After lunch, Nicole, Sam, and I decided to explore Interlaken a little bit.  Switzerland is REALLY expensive.  We found a McDonalds, and a cheeseburger was like 11 Swiss Francs, which is a little over 12 dollars!  We walked around and took pictures, and then got some chocolate at a grocery store.  It was really inexpensive, but even though it was the generic grocery store brand it was really good.  That night, the hostel organized a Thanksgiving dinner for the large American groups there (for us and an AIFS group from the US studying in Barcelona).  It was turkey, stuffing, carrots, potatoes, and then a chocolate/vanilla/raspberry cake for dessert.  It was really really good.  After that, most people from our group went to the bar/club in the hostel’s basement, which was fun.


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