Nov. 17

Today we got up, ate breakfast, and then left the hotel to go to Glastonbury.  It was supposed to rain all day, but it was beautiful, so that was a nice surprise.  Our first stop was Glastonbury Tor, a HUGE hill with a tower on top.  It was used by a monastic community for ages, and a long long time ago, the surrounding area was flooded and the Tor was an island (according to our guide).  We parked at the bottom, and it was basically like climbing a mountain to get to the top.  It was endless stairs that snaked back and forth across the hill next to the one with the tower, and then more stairs on a slight incline over to the hill with the tower.  It was insanely hard, and one girl even had an asthma attack on the way up.  Once you got to the top, there were great views all around.  After that, we went to Glastonbury Abbey, which is in ruins, but must have been quite cool when it was still standing.  What’s left is HUGE.  At this site, we also got to see where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s bones were supposedly found, and we found out that Glastonbury Tor was supposedly where Avalon was, so that was really cool.  After the Abbey, we had free time in the town for lunch.  Glastonbury is a weird town – we walked up and down the main road for 20 minutes before finding a restaurant that was not a “licensed vegetarian restaurant”.  We also tons of shops selling crystals and incense.  After lunch, we got back on the bus and drove to Stonehenge.  There’s not much there – just some bathrooms and a walk up food stand, but they’re building a new visitor center down the road that will supposedly be much better.  The stones themselves are a little underwhelming, but it’s mind blowing to think that something was on that site as long as 5000 years ago.  The site was abandoned by one group BEFORE the pyramids were even started.  It’s true that you just get out, take pictures, and then leave, but it was still pretty cool because the sun was setting behind the stones right as we were leaving, so it was really pretty.  We got back around 7pm, and the three of us went straight home to pack for Ireland.


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