Nov. 16

Today we got up super early to go on our overnight trip to Bath, Glastonbury, and Stonehenge.  First we stopped at an old burial burrow in the middle of a field.  It was aligned so that on certain days, the sun would shine all the way down the inside of the burrow and hit the head of the person buried there, so that was an impressive feat of engineering.  Next we went to a small town that had a big rock circle around it, kind of like a giant Stonehenge.  The rocks we all deliberately placed a certain way in a certain formation, but nobody knows how or why they were there.  The stone circle also had a ditch around it that would have been about 70 feet deep when it was first made.  Again, nobody knows how it was made or why.  After that, we dropped our bags at the Bath hotel and went to the Bath city center.  We had some free time to explore and get lunch, and then we met up again to tour the Roman Baths.  Bath is a really cute little city with lots of shops and restaurants that were all already decorated for Christmas.  The Roman Baths were really really cool.  They were preserved much better than I thought that they would be.  We spent a long time in high school Latin classes talking about Latin speaking people who ended up in Britain, and we looked at the Roman Baths a lot.  It was also a cool atmosphere.  It was cold outside but the baths were warm, so the whole area was steamy/misty.  After the baths, we went on a walking tour of Bath.  Our tour guide showed us where rich people (like Nicholas Cage) buy or rent houses when they are in town and where Jane Austen lived when she was in Bath.  We also saw the modern day spa that uses local water.  We were told not to touch the water in the Roman Baths because it is contaminated with bacteria, but the water that the spa uses is famous for its therapeutic properties.  After the walking tour, a bunch of us got dinner at a Jamie Oliver restaurant.  After that, we walked back to the hotel.  We didn’t go out later because it was cold and a long walk to the city center, and we didn’t feel like walking back late at night, so we found an American channel on tv and watched American shows.


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