Nov. 14

Today we didn’t have management since our teacher is back in the US for the week to meet with students from an online class he is teaching from over here.  The only thing I had scheduled today was registration at 3.  I registered for Theory of Interest, Theology of World Religions, Computer Technology for the Business World, Honors Financial Management, and an honors seminar called The Foreign Experience.  After registration, Ashley and I went down to Leicester Square.  It was the UK premiere of the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Once we got down there, we looked around and saw all of the stuff set up.  They had barriers, red carpets, a stage, lights, big screens, and billboard sized posters.  We hung out there for a while while people got there.  None of the big celebrities came in by us, but we saw Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the big screens, and we heard all of the big actors in the film get interviewed on the stage.  Althogether, it was really cool.  After that, Ashley and I walked around and found Wok to Walk, a Chinese walk up restaurant.  You pick a base (rice, noodles, etc.), a protein, veggies, and then a sauce, and then they cook it all together in a pan right in front of you, and then you take it to go.  It was SO good – we will definitely be going back there!


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