Nov. 9

Friday morning we all got up, ate breakfast, and then met in the hotel lobby for our big group’s walking tour of Prague.  We got split into two groups, and our group’s tour guide was named Robert.  He was really funny – five minutes into a long speech about the history of Prague, his phone rang.  He looked at it, and then said “sorry guys, I have to take this…it’s my mom.”  We walked to the Old Town Square, which actually turned out to be very near our hostel.  It was really cool, with lots of pretty old buildings.  We also saw the old astronomical clock.  There were lots of people walking around in the square (it’s huge), and there were some vendors and people playing music.  One of the vendors was roasting GINORMOUS hunks of meat over a fire.  They almost looked fake because they were so big.  After the Old Town, we walked through the Jewish ghetto to Charles Bridge.  The route there was through really charming streets with a bunch of shops and lots of pedestrians.  The stores were mostly souvenirs, Czech crystal, and there was even a store full of marionettes, including some of famous soccer players, which was funny.  After that, we walked around and took pictures on Charles Bridge.  Charles Bridge is modeled on the Bridge of Angels in Rome, so that was kind of cool since I’ve seen that one in Rome.  After the Charles Bridge, we walked up towards the castle area.  We looked around a little bit, and then we broke for lunch since we were going to go into the castle after.  We went to a little restaurant down the street for lunch.  For the most part, Prague is fairly reasonable for food.  However, every once in a while it’s really really cheap to eat.  This was a pub restaurant, and I got chicken noodle soup and apple cinnamon crepes for about $5.  It was delicious.  After we had lunch, we went back up to the castle to meet everybody.  We went inside the huge church and parts of the palace, which Maria Teresa had built.  It’s not really medieval or anything, but it was still cool.  After that, we went back to the hostel.  We relaxed for a little bit since we were all tired from walking all day, and then Christina and I ventured out to explore the surrounding area and get some dinner.  We went in H&M, but it was nothing compared to the ones in England.  We ended up at Subway for dinner, which was good because it was very simple and very American.  After that, we went back to the hostel to get ready for the pub-crawl that about 30 of us had signed up for.  It started out at a small bar where there was unlimited beer, wine, and shots for an hour.  We also got t-shirts that said “Prague’s best pub crawl” on them that are pretty funny.  After that bar, we went to three more bars.  A long time ago, the people of Prague raised the level all of the streets to try to help avoid more floods.  Consequently, a lot of places, including the bars we went to, were in what is now the basement of the building because it used to be the main floor.  The bars were all pretty cool, and it was really fun because there were so many of us.  We met some interesting people, including one guy from Australia who had come to Europe with his best friend.  The only plans that they had were to meet up for Oktoberfest and then the Running of the Bulls in Spain, and in between they just traveled where ever they felt like (for six months).  The pub-crawl was supposed to end at a five-story club, which is the biggest club in central Europe, but only about a quarter of our group made it there.  I ended up leaving to go back to the hostel from the last bar with a big group of people who were just too tired to go to the club.


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