Nov. 8

Today our management class got pushed earlier (so did the marketing class, but I’m not in it) so that people could go to both before we had to leave for Prague.  I went to class, went home, got my stuff, and then went back to school.  Since 50 of us were going on the trip, AIFS arranged for a bus to take us to Stansted, which is nice because otherwise it’s a hard airport to get to because it’s not on a tube line like Heathrow.  It is a kind of janky airport on the outskirts north of London and it mostly has airlines like Easy Jet and Ryanair going in and out of it.  We had heard horror stories about carry on bags on Easy Jet before, but we were all fine.  Once we got into Prague, we took a bus to our hostel.  Our hostel was real cool and hip looking, and was extremely clean, so that was good.  I was in a room with Hilary, Christina, Emily, Katie, and Brigette.  There were two sets of normal bunk beds, but the other two beds were together on a really high loft above the storage lockers, so that was interesting.  Since we got in pretty late, we just got some dinner in the hostel’s restaurant and then went to an ATM.  Christina accidentally added an extra zero, so the ATM just started spitting out large bills.  It was pretty funny because she was pretty shocked.  It turned out to be a LOT of money, but she had enough in her account so nothing terrible happened.  It was a rough night for her – she tried to shower later on and got drenched because the handheld shower (that was pointing outwards) turned on instead of the shower head.


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