Nov 10

Saturday was our free day, so most people slept in a little bit before venturing out.  A group of six of us eventually left.  We wandered the shops between the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge for a while, and then we went a long wild-goose chase to find a permanent marker to sign the Lennon Wall with.  We eventually found some, and then we walked over to the Lennon Wall.  I’m not really sure the origins of it, but it’s basically a wall with layers and layer of graffiti that anybody can paint over.  Lots of people also sign it and write things on it.  There was already a heart painted on the wall, so we wrote “LBS 2012” and our names inside of it.  Right as we were finishing, another group of people from our trip wandered up, so they signed it too, which was cool.  We then went back across the Charles Bridge and ate lunch in a café that was outside with big heaters, so that was cool.  After that, we wandered the souvenir shops some more, and then walked around the pedestrian area around our hostel with more modern shops, like H&M, Zara, and Mango.  After we were shopped out, we went back to the hostel to get ready for dinner.  That night was our big group traditional Czech dinner.  Once we all met in the lobby, we walked for a while to get to the restaurant.  The restaurant (and food) reminded me a lot of the restaurant our family went to in Frankfurt over break.  We had potato soup, then beef with creamy gravy and dumplings, and then apple strudel for dessert.  The main course was pretty heavy, so I didn’t eat it all but the soup and dessert were really good.  It was also cool because as we ate, an accordion player and a tuba player in traditional costumes walked around playing music.  By the time we got back to the hostel, it was pretty late, so a lot of people did not go out.  I ended up walking back to one of the bar crawl bars with a girl who lost her wallet to see if they had found it (they hadn’t), and then we went to McDonalds to try the Magnum ice cream Mcflurries, which were really really good.


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