Nov 3

Last night I went to Bri and Kari’s house with Sam and Kayla for sangria, and then we went to the ULU bar (called The Library) where it was club night.  It was actually really fun dancing and hanging out with a bunch of people from our group.  This morning, Teresa, Ashley, and I decided to go down to Greenwich.  It took a while by public transportation, but we rode on the DLR, which is overground for a good portion, so that was cool because we got to see parts of the river and cool neighborhoods.  It reminded me a little of downtown Milwaukee, with lots of boats on the water tied up to buildings.  Once we got to Greenwich, we wandered over to the market.  It was a lot smaller than other markets we have seen, but it was cool.  It had some food and a lot of really crafty stuff.  After the market, we went to Greenwich Park.  We saw where they had some of the equestrian events during the Olympics, although they’re taking most of the venue down and making it park again.  We walked up a big hill to the Royal Observatory (we didn’t go in).  From the top of the hill, there were really good views of London.  We saw a lot of stuff, including the O2, the Emirates cable car across the river, the Olympic stadium, and the London Eye WAY in the distance, which shows just how huge of a city London is.  After taking pictures of the view, we went over and looked at the official Greenwich Mean Time clock and took pictures of us standing on the Prime Meridian, with one foot in each hemisphere.  After that, we walked back to near the DLR stop.  We walked around Greenwich Pier, and then looked at the Cutty Sark, a ship that is dry docked so people can walk underneath it.  After that, we got back on the DLR and got off at the Canary Warf stop.  The area is a big financial area.  It also has a mall that’s pretty cool.  It has lots of little areas with a few floors of like 4 stores on each floor, which is connected to another little area by a hallway with stores that is underground.  We wandered around the Tiffany and Co store, so that was cool.  After that, we went to the Primark near school.  We were there for a while, and then we walked down to Oxford Circus to find this one Mexican place.  It is a chain called Tortillas, and it is basically like a British Chipotle or Qdoba, except cheaper.  I got a naked burrito with pork, and it was really really good, so that will be a repeat place to go.


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