October 28

Today Mom, Dad, and Steve left the hotel pretty early.  Since I didn’t have a flight to catch or anything, I went back to sleep for a while.  After that, I got my stuff together, ate breakfast at the hotel, and then checked out.  I took a city bus to a zone 5 tube station, and then pretty much rode the Piccadilly line from one end to the other, and then got another bus, and then I was finally home.  Christine didn’t know anybody was coming back that early, so the heat wasn’t on, so our rooms were freezing.  She felt bad, but I said it was fine since I had to go grocery shopping anyway.  Since I had time, I decided to check out the Tesco Express that some of the other girls had said was good.  Once I got there (I just had to take the bus), I walked in, and it immediately reminded me of Walmart.  It had clothes, beauty supplies, Halloween candy, TONS of food, and other stuff.  We had just been saying that there was nothing in London like Target or Walmart, so this was a good discovery.  There is a lot better of a selection for already prepared or frozen food, and also fruit, so I will definitely be going back there.  It actually turns out that Mom, Dad, and Stevie missed their flight to Chicago from Dublin.  The flight from London to Dublin accidentally got bags from a different flight got put on their plane, and they had to find them and take them off before the flight could leave.  When they got into Dublin, they had to wait a long time to clear entry customs.  By the time they got to the Chicago gate, the flight had closed.  As a result, they had to stay overnight in Dublin and take the same flight the next day.  Christina and Hilary got home later on, and it was fun to hear about their adventures in Italy and Spain.


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