October 27

Today we had to pack all of our stuff up and check out of the hotel in the morning.  We got outside, and it was snowing!  We definitely did not expect that at all.  Once we had our stuff in the car, we left to drive to these two small medieval towns that were supposed to be pretty cool.  An hour into the drive, we were not as close as we should have been, partially due to the weather, which made everybody drive slower (and the speed limits turned on).  As we were trying to figure out a plan B, Mom and figured out that we were really close to an outlet mall that we had seen a brochure for at the hotel.  We were interested because the brochure said that there was a Longchamps store there.  Longchamps purses are very practical and fairly popular at home and in Europe.  At home, Nordstroms sells the purses, and none of them are under $100.  They are from France.  In England, even with the exchange rate, they are cheaper than at home by a lot.  They are even cheaper in Europe, even converting from the Euro.  Since we had nothing else to do at that moment, Dad said that we could maybe stop at the outlet mall, depending on how close we were.  We hadn’t seen an exit in a while, and then magically the next exit was the outlet mall, and all of the sudden we saw it on the side of the highway.  It was MASSIVE, and kind of was decorated like a castle.  We found the Longchamps store, and although the selection was limited, Mom and I still managed to find bags that we liked.  She got a smaller one in a mustard yellow color, and I got a big gray one.  We got both of them together for under 100 Euros, which is a steal, so we were pretty happy.  Meanwhile, Dad had talked to some people in the information center and figured out that a little town that was cute was nearby.  We drove to the town, and then stopped at a little cafe for some desserts, which were really good.  After that, we walked around the town and took pictures.  Not much was open, and it was really cold, so after that we just decided to drive to the airport early.  That was lucky, since there was a pretty bad traffic jam on the way back.  Once we got to the airport, our flight was delayed.  When we finally got to London, we took the Hotel Hoppa to the hotel, where they majorly screwed up the reservation, but they eventually figured it out.  Once we got settled, everybody kinda repacked and then went to bed since everyone except me had to leave early in the morning.


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