October 26

Today we got up, ate breakfast in the lounge, and then Dad took the subway back to the airport to get the rental car.  While he did that, Mom, Stevie, and I walked around the pedestrian shopping area around our hotel.  It was pretty cool, and we went in some really European stores, so that was fun.  Eventually Dad got back and we got in the car to go to Heidelberg.  It was a little bit of a drive, but we took the autobahn, so we could go pretty fast.  There’s only a speed limit if it’s bad weather or some other issue.  Therefore, people go slow in the right lane, medium in the middle lane, and then really nice cars BLOW by people in the left lane.  We ended up going around 110 mph at one point, which was fun.  Once we got to Heidelberg, we parked up near the castle.  We got some sort of sausage outside and walked around the outside of the castle.  Then we went in and looked around the interior.  We went out on a patio thing that overlooked the city, so there were really cool views.  It was FREEZING.  After that, we went into the castle to the little like bar thing.  Dad got a beer, Mom got hot wine, and we all split a slice of chocolate cake.  Inside the place they had a GIANT barrel of beer.  We walked up the stairs and across the top, which was cool.  After that, we went back to the car and drove down to the city.  We walked through the pedestrian areas.  We saw some cool stores, including a candy store that had candy arranged into different things, like a beer glass filled mostly with gold candy and then with white candy on the top, so it looked like the glass was full of beer.  We also saw a store full of schneeballen, which are baseball sized cookie-ish things.  We didn’t know what they were, but our American waitress at Pizza Hut attempted to explain them to us.  She had studied abroad in Germany and then moved there to finish her degree as a student in Germany.   


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