October 25

Today we woke up really early to go to the airport to fly to Germany.  Our flight ended up being delayed, but it was not too bad because the terminal had lots of shops.  Once we got to Germany, it took us a long time to figure out where the trains to the city were and how to use them.  Once we finally got to out subway stop, our hotel was right down the block, so that was nice.  We went to our rooms, checked out the lounge, and then headed out into the city.  We walked around a little food market area, and then walked to the “old town”, which was really cool and old German-ish.  After that, we walked across the river to a traditional German restaurant for dinner.  Mom and I got apple wine covered chicken, Dad got venison meatloaf, and Steve got a plate of meat.  Literally.  It had like 3 or 4 different types of sausage.  After that, we walked back (stopping at a sketchy grocery on the way back – they had unrefridgerated cheese and chicken on the shelf, which was gross).  We were all pretty tired from getting up early, so we just got dessert in the lounge and then relaxed. And then Steve read my blahg.


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