October 24

Today we woke up, got breakfast, and then headed down to the Tower Bridge area, since we had not even seen that yet.  We walked around by that area and took pictures.  We also saw this little street next to Tower Bridge that a tour guide told us movie producers use in period films like Sherlock Holmes, which was cool.  After that, we headed over to Petticoat Lane and Spitlefields.  There wasn’t much at Pettycoat Lane because it was a week day, but Spitlefields was still pretty busy.  We got lunch at Costa and then wandered the market for a while.  Mom and I got some cool scarves, and then we left because the boys were bored.  After that, we went to Covent Garden to try to get tickets for a show.  We wandered around the market a little, then went to the Mamma Mia theater, which is a couple of blocks away.  They had discount tickets for tonight, so we got some for Mom and me since Dominic had gotten Arsenal tickets for Dad and Steve.  After that, we went back to the hotel to get my stuff together to head out to the Blacks’ house.  Once we got there, we switched my stuff, got the Arsenal tickets, and then Dad and Steve went to the stadium and Mom and I dropped my stuff at the hotel and then went back to Covent Garden.  We ate dinner at the Mexican place, and then headed to the theater.  The show was delayed, but that was ok.  Our seats were on the side balcony.  They were kind of obstructed, but once the show started we moved down the row into the first two seats that literally looked right down on the stage.  The show was really good – Mom ended up standing up and dancing at the end.  After the show on the way home, we spotted one of the guys from the show at the subway stop, so we talked to him and got a picture with him.  We got back, and the boys said that the game was pretty cool from their first row seats.  Stevie got a sweatshirt and they got a scarf for me.


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