October 23

Today we decided to go down to the Big Ben area, since Stevie wanted to see that stuff.  We walked around a little bit, and took pictures by Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Eye.  After that, we walked towards Trafalgar Square, stopping to look down Downing Street, which was surrounded by tons of gates and police men.  We also stopped at the Horse Guards Parade to take pictures with the guards on their horses.  We walked in, and we also took pictures with a guard that was standing there.  He was really funny – when girls were standing next to him to get their pictures taken, he would sometimes click his heels or hit his sword to make a loud noise and scare the person next to him.  It was really funny until Dad made me and Mom pose with him…and he clicked his heels and startled me just like I knew he would.  After that, we went back to Westminster Abbey, but we didn’t go in because it was expensive.  After that, we split up.  Dad and Steve went to the War Rooms and Mom and I went to Oxford Street.  We shopped for a while, and then we met Dad and Steve at Harrods.  We saw some cool stuff in Harrods (and Dad and Steve saw the embassy where the Wikileaks guy is hiding), and then we went back to the hotel.  After chilling for a while, we went over to Piccadilly Circus for dinner.  We went to a Nando’s.  After that, we wandered in some shops, including a Mango, where I got a red coat I had seen earlier in the day.  We ended up walking all the way to Oxford Circus and then on down to Primark because Mom wanted some socks and hair clips from there.  After that, we went back to the hotel.


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