October 22

Today we got up and went to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.  Mom and I had seen it before, but Dad and Steve never had.  After that, we went to a half price ticket booth to see what the deal is for show tickets.  They didn’t have much at the booth, and we were near the Singin in the Rain theater, so we decided to go there to see if they had anything last minute.  They had some tickets for tonight, so we got some good seats at a pretty big discount.  After that we went over to Primark.  Mom and I ended up finding a lot of stuff in there, including a print and a pillow that they’re going to take home for me.  After Primark, we got some lunch and then headed over to ULU.  After ULU, we went back to the hotel to drop off our Primark bags and figure out where to go for dinner.  We ended up going to a pizza place that is near my school.  It was good pizza, and I didn’t know that it was there before, so it was good to discover that one.  I can see myself going there after school to pick up a pizza for dinner or lunch.  After dinner, we headed over to the Palace Theater.  It’s a cool old theater.  Our seats were in the third row, and the singing and dancing were really good.  The coolest part though was the rain scenes.  It actually “rained” on the stage, and as the actors danced around they splashed water out at the audience.  During the first scene, we just got splashed a little bit.  However, if we had not covered up with our rain coats during the finale scene, we would have gotten SOAKED.  It was really sweet though.


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