October 19

Christina and Hilary left early this morning for their trip to Italy and Spain, so it was just me and the Blacks today.  I slept in (finally!), and then met Ashley and Erin for lunch at Nando’s.  Nando’s is a chicken restaurant that all our friends have been talking about.  You pick a chicken burger, wings, half, or whole chicken, and then you pick the sauce from a range of different spiciness and flavors, so kind of like Buffalo Wild Wings.  I got a chicken burger with lemon herb sauce, and it was really really good.  After that, I went back to school to pick up a bag that I forgot yesterday.  After that, I went to Primark to check for any type of peacock accessories, since I might be that for Halloween.  After Primark, I explored the area a little more, and then when I was tired of walking, went back to Wood Green, stopped at Morrisons, and then went home.  I did a lot of sorting, cleaning, catching up on American tv, and organizing what to send home, and then went to bed.


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