October 13

Today we finally went to the Portobello Market.  I’ve been to the Camden Market and the Spitalfields Market, and this was my favorite market so far.  It was SO crowded, but really cool.  This market is in the streets, which are closed every Saturday for the market.  The houses lining the streets are painted bright colors, which was cool.  The market had a lot of antiques, food, souvenirs, and other random stuff.  The farther into the market you get, the more you have to walk, the less tourists there are, and thus the cheaper things are.  We even found a stand that was selling scarves for a pound!  Every time the scarves on the table got low, the guy would literally grab another HUGE bag from under the table and dump more scarves out.  I ended up getting 5, some for me and some for gifts.  They’re all really cool in different ways.  Along the street we found a store called Poundland, which is like a dollar store, but unlike the dollar store, Poundland had lots of stuff that we see at the grocery store for just a pound, unlike at home where it’s usually just weird or off brands at the dollar store.  We walked until the market ended and then came back along the other side of the road.  I got a couple of other random souvenirs and a London street sign for me.  After that, Ashley, Teresa, and Erin went home and Christina, Hilary and I went to Oxford Street since those two wanted to go to H&M.  We went there and then to the giant Primark, and then we went home.  We had been wanting Mexican food for a while, so we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight.  We didn’t really have high expectations because everybody says that Mexican food over here is not as good as at home.  Martin, our host dad, recommended a place called Cafe Pacifico in the Covent Garden area, a restaurant down a random side street that I had actually seen before.  We went, and figured out right away that it must be good because even though it’s not on a main road, there was a long wait for a table.  Once we ordered, the food came right away, and it was just as good as Mexican restaurants in the US.  I got a combo plate with a beef taco, chicken enchilada, and then a little part of a cheese quesadilla.  It was so so good.  One funny thing is that Hilary and I needed boxes, so we asked the waiters and they took our plates.  Instead of bringing boxes back, they brought little shopping bags, inside of which were our tacos wrapped in tin foil.  I think that this restaurant will for sure be a repeat place.


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