October 12

The past few days have just been class and homework, so  nothing too exciting.  Today was a free day though, so we decided to go to the Tower of London.  Christina and I had been talking about that for a while, so we decided to go, and another girl from our trip named Erin came too.  I didn’t realize that the Tower of London is actually like a tiny town inside of castle walls.  There’s the outer walls, a church, the jewel building, an old palace residence, the big White Tower in the middle, a bunch of lawn, and some other buildings.  We toured the old area first, and then saw the crown jewels, which were mind blowing because they were so huge, and there were SO many diamonds.  After that, we toured the White Tower, which has lots of armor and guns and stuff like that.  We also got to hear the story about Prince Richard and Prince Edward being supposedly murdered in the White Tower, saw the room it “happened” in, and then saw the stairs under which the bodies of two boys, aged around 10 and 12 were discovered hundreds of years later, which pretty much cements the theory that they were murdered in the Tower and didn’t just disappear.  After the White Tower, we saw a place where tons of prisoners were held, including some famous ones.  It was really cool – lots of the prisoners had carved things into the wall, and the stuff was still there.  The coolest one was probably a graffiti thought to have been done by Robert Dudley, who was linked with Queen Elizabeth I for all of her life.  After that, we walked around inside the grounds and saw the little area where the scaffolds were set up for royal or important executions, so like where Queen Anne was beheaded.  After that, we were pretty tired of walking around and up and down stairs, so we went home.  Later, we met up with some girls from down the street to go to a club called Tiger Tiger, which some other girls on our trip had said was fun.  It was pretty cool – there were 3 separate areas with different music going on.  There was a main bar on the main floor and a main dancing area on the second floor that both had Top 40-ish music happening.  Another are, the “White Room” was smaller and had 90s music.  The coolest room was way in the back, and it was playing music from the 70s and 80s.  Everybody knew all of the music, and there was a giant light up dance floor like you see in movies, so that was really fun.  Since we went pretty early, we left semi-early and were able to catch one of the last tubes home, which was funny because it was PACKED with people all trying to take the last one home so they didn’t have to take night busses.  


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