October 7

We woke up on Sunday and got right back on the road.  We stopped pretty quickly though at another really famous castle to take pictures.  Apparently the people had planted tons of trees around the castle so you can only see it if you pay to go in, but then somebody “mysteriously” cut down a patch of trees so you can see the castle from the area of the road, which is where we stopped.  We then went to another place where we could walk down to the lake.  Our tour guide then made us “summon” Nessie, which was basically doing an embarrassing dance and singing a chant.  Right before we got back on the bus, we saw a girl from DSHA who was studying in Edinburgh for the semester, which was a weird coincidence.  After that, we drove along Loch Ness for a while, and then drove to a battlefield where tons and tons of Scots were killed by the British.  It was pretty sad because there were big mass graves with gravestones that said what clan the soldiers buried there were from, so whole families of soldiers were wiped out.  After that, we went to a really cute little town for lunch.  We had cheeseburgers, which were pretty decent, and then we got ice cream.  After that, we had a longer bus ride back to Edinburgh, so Scot put on chill music so lots of people fell asleep.  It was pretty funny – when Scot wanted us to wake up, he blasted “Walking on Sunshine”.  We signed the Haggis “guest book”, where each group makes up a clan name and a crest.  Ours was the Tommie Scotties, and the crest was a picture of Tommie wearing a kilt holding a beer with Nessie in the background.   Once we got back to Edinburgh, we got on the train to go back to London.  It was supposed to be a five hour ride, but it ended up being longer because we got delayed on the way into London.  Ashley, Christina, Hilary, and I got a table, so we played cards for a long time.


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