October 6

We got up, ate breakfast, and then got back on the bus.  Today we drove all around the Isle of Skye, which is really beautiful.  We stopped at an area where there were tons of big cliffs, hills, and then the ocean.  We hiked all around on the hills and cliffs, and everybody got really good pictures.  When we got up to the top of the hills, it was incredibly windy.  It made our ears hurt because it was really cold, and it almost seemed like somebody could blow off the edge of the cliffs.  After we got back on the bus, we had to drive down this really scary road on the side of the cliff.  One turn was so tight that we had to make a 3 point turn to get around it.  We then kept driving up, down, and around the hills on something that should not even be considered a road.  It was a one lane barely paved “farmer’s track”, as our guide called it.  I’m surprised that I did not feel motion sick at all, since it was a pretty curvy and bumpy road.  Our next stop was to take picture of this waterfall by the side of the road.  People were walking around in the river and stuff since most of the girls were wearing rain boots, but I was too afraid that I would fall in, so I did not go in.  Sure enough, my friend Ashley wiped out in the river after a little bit.  Thankfully, she had given us her iphone and camera before she went into the water.  She ended up with wet legs and a puddle inside her rainboot.  After that, we stopped at a little town for lunch.  I had a toasted ham and cheese, and it was really good.  After that we walked around for a little bit and found a little bakery where I got a huge brownie for 60 pence, which would usually have cost a few pounds in London.  After lunch, we stopped at a really famous castle that is featured in a lot of movies that take place in Scotland.  Once we got back on the bus, our tour guide told us that the hostel we were going to did not allow any alcohol to be brought in, so anybody that had some had to drink it on the bus on the way there.  That ride was entertaining, and we ended up having to stop for the bathroom about 15 minutes before we would have gotten to the hostel because some people could not hold it anymore.  Our tour guide said that if more girls had to go badly, they could probably use the mens bathroom because it would probably be empty.  Well, he was wrong.  One girl from our group ran into there, and then ran right back out because there was a guy in there.  At that stop, we walked on a trail back into the woods to a little area with a tiny house thing and a waterfall, so people got pretty pictures again.  Once we got to the hostel, we found out that they had assigned rooms totally randomly, so that was interesting.  This hostel was a little nicer than last night’s because each room at least has its own bathroom and shower.  We had another group dinner, and this one was really good.  It was chili, rice (which they serve with chili over here), and chips and guacamole.  That night we hung out in the hostel bar, which had karaoke.  It was really entertaining because some people were already drunk from the bus ride.  We were pretty much the only group at the hostel and the only group at the bar, so that was really really fun.  At one point, our tour guide dressed up in a Loch Ness Monster costume (since we were on the banks of Loch Ness) and did karaoke.  It was funny though because he was dancing on a chair and turned around, knocking over a ton of empty glasses with his tail.


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