October 5

Today we woke up, ate breakfast, and had to be waiting outside the hostel for our bus by 8:30.  Our group is so big that we got split onto two busses.  We are taking a 3day tour of Scotland with these busses and tour guides.  These are not ordinary tour busses.  They were both bright yellow, and said “Wild and Sexy Haggis Adventures” across the side.  On the other side, one bus said “Awesome” and the other said “Gorgeous”.  Our tour guide was named Scot, and he wore a kilt.  He was very very entertaining.  Our first stop was a monument to William Wallace, who the movie Braveheart was about.  We parked at the bottom of a hill, and then we had to hike up this gigantic hill to get to the actually monument.  I’m really glad I was wearing my rain boots because it was very wet and muddy.  Once we got to the top, Scot told us more about it and we took pictures of the view.  After that, we drove a little bit more and then made a quick stop at a little store.  Outside, we took pictures of Hamish the Hairy Coo, a furry animal that kind of looks like a buffalo or cow.  After that, we stopped at a big restaurant/cafeteria thing for lunch, which was really good.  Our tour guide is pretty funny – anybody who was late to the bus when we were supposed to meet at a specific time had consequences.  He would make them stand in front of the bus where everybody could see them, and they would have to do jumping jacks and pushups.  It was pretty funny to see the different people that had to do it each time.  One kid that was perpetually late is a boy that always dresses well and has a briefcase bag thing that looks a little like a fake Louis Vuitton bag.  It was really funny – after one stop, we were trying to figure out who we were missing because it was only one person.  Our tour guide goes “Oh gosh – it’s probably that chap that carries the Louis Vuitton purse all the time.”  After lunch we parked on the side of the road and walked for a while down a hill and then up another until we were close to the bottom of two gigantic hills.  The walk down was pretty slippery, and the boy walking right in front of me actually slipped and wiped out pretty bad.  Everybody felt bad, but it was pretty funny at the same time.  The tour guide told us that those hills were where people had fled during a massacre years and years ago, but almost all of them were tracked down and killed.  During the trip, we heard lots of different stories about how different clans fought against and killed each other, and about how the Scots were constantly fighting with the English and how the were always killing each other.  We walked around a little more, and then we learned that the area where we were was where the producers of the Harry Potter movies digitally put Hogwarts and the Quiddich field, which was pretty cool to know.  Once we were driving again, we also passed the place where Hagrid’s hut was build for the Harry Potter movies.  The hut wasn’t there anymore because the movies are done, but you could still see the clearing in the trees where it was.  At one point, our tour guide said that he hoped we would see some “sheraffs” before we left.  He described them as an interbreeding between sheep and giraffes.  We were all really intrigued, and it wasn’t until the next day that we realized that he was just messing with us and really meant llamas.  Our next picture stop was at a really pretty lake, which was also shaped like Scotland.  After that, we had another coffee stop and then continued to the Isle of Skye, which is where our next hostel was.  It was called Saucy Mary’s, and it was in an incredibly small town.  People went to go to a grocery/convenience store later, and it was a 45-minute walk each way!  This hostel was not as nice as the other one because you had to go down the hall to get to the bathroom and showers, but it was still fine.  That night we had a group dinner at the hostel.  It was supposed to be lasagna, but it was kind of weird – it had no pasta sauce.  The chocolate cake for dessert was really good though.  After dinner, we just decided to hang out in the hostel’s bar because there was not much else around and because it was pouring outside.  A bunch of us ended up playing cards.  We played BS, and it got quite intense because of certain players.  One of the seriously players almost freaked out when one of the girls (a not serious player) accidently tried to lay down “two elevens”.  After cards, a band started playing, and once they realized we were all American, they played all American songs, so that was fun.



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