October 4

Today I had class in the morning, and then we left for Scotland at 3:30.  It is a 5 hour train ride, and everybody from our group minus 1 came.  There was also an AIFS leader, and then around 9 people from a different AIFS program in London.  Those students are from Illinois, and one of them even went to New Trier High School, which is interesting.  Our group took up a whole train car minus a few seats, and ended up getting quite loud and rowdy because everybody was walking around talking to each other, and some people had brought some drinks for the train ride.  The two boys who had gotten lederhosen at Oktoberfest changed into their outfits on the train (hats included) just to be funny, and they wore them the rest of the night.  There was a little bit of drama when one of the twins got upset and left our car.  Soon after, nobody could find her and we had to get off soon, so her twin was quite upset and worried.  The first twin came back just in time to get off though, so that was good.  We got off the train in Edinburgh, and we walked about ten minutes through the streets to our hostel.  We were put in randomly assigned rooms of 8 people.  It actually was a really nice hostel – each room of 8 had two separate showers and 2 separate bathrooms.  That night we hung out at the hostel bar for the most part.  At one point we ventured out into Edinburgh to explore and find a different pub, but we ended up coming back because it was a Thursday, so not many other bars were busy.


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