Sept 29-Oct 1

Saturday we just kind of laid low and slept in and did homework, went to the grocery store, etc.  because we were all still pretty sick.  Yesterday Hilary and Christina were going to work on their midterm trip plans (they’re going to Seville, Rome, and Florence), so I went to Spitalfields Market with some girls that live down the street.  This market was different than some of the other ones because it has higher priced items and less touristy stuff.  It is in a big open building instead of being on the street, and the sides are lined with places to eat, most of them sit-down restaurants.  One whole section of the market was stands where people were selling clothes that they had sewed by hand.  Somebody said that it is one place where aspiring designers get started and try to “get discovered”.  One guy that we talked to was selling a really really pretty handmade turquoise coat for 350 pounds.  The market was fun to walk around in, and the other side had more bargain clothes and stuff like that.  After shopping around for a while, we stopped for lunch at a crepe restaurant.  They had TONS of different types of crepes.  I got a Nutella and strawberry one, and it was really good.  We all agreed to come back sometime so we could try different types.  Today we had service again, but only until noon because we had a program meeting.  The kids that I was helping are super cute as usual.  At the meeting we just talked with our program directors about how the semester is going for everybody so far.  After that, we had pizza and then our night class.  The beginning of that was pretty funny.  Our teacher, Valerio, is a funny  loud guy from Italy.  At the beginning of class, he was trying to pull down the screen for the projector.  The screen made a funny noise when he pulled it down, so just to be funny he kept pulling it up and down, up and down.  Then he finally let go.  The screen went all the way up, hit the top, and then popped off the wall and fell to the floor with a BANG.  It was the funniest thing ever – everybody burst out laughing and Valerio kept talking about how “the bloody thing nearly killed him”


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