Oct 2-3

Yesterday I had art history in the morning.  The past few weeks, we have gone to the National Gallery, but yesterday our teachers took us to the Somerset House instead.  It was used by Jane Seymour and other royals after her.  It’s a really cool building, and it’s weird to see an art museum inside an old royal palace.  After art history and history class, I had some time so I decided to go see if I could find this place that I saw on Pinterest.  It is called Neal’s Yard, and it’s this random little alley in London where everything is painted really bright colors.  It turned out to be pretty close to the Covent Garden tube station, which is only two away from school.  I found it really easily, but it’s so weird.  On the street, all the buildings are tan or brown or black.  You turn down a little alley, and then all of the sudden there’s an explosion of color.  I’m not really sure why, but a little collection of like health food stores and other stuff like that are painted really bright colors, and it’s really cool.  After that, I decided to check out the Covent Garden Market since I was pretty close by.  It was cool, but it was more artsy than the other markets.  So far, my favorite has been Camden Market, but I haven’t been to Portobello Market.

Today we had class and a British Life and Culture lecture, and then a bunch of us went to a play.  AIFS sponsored a trip to War Horse, a story about a boy who goes to war for England to try to find his horse, which his dad put into the army.  I was pretty skeptical about how this play was going to be, since all we really knew was that it had puppet horses.  However, it turned out to be really cool.  Each horse was controlled by three people.  The horses were SUPER realistic, with movements and noises.  All in all it turned out to be a good show, and some people from our group even ended up crying.


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