Sept 28

Today we went to Oxford on another of our Friday day trips.  We’ve all been pretty sick, and Hilary stayed home because she was feeling pretty sick.  I almost didn’t make it to class yesterday, but luckily I’m feeling a tiny bit better today.  It took us a little more than an hour to get to Oxford by bus.  It was only maybe half our group because a bunch of kids are in Munich for Octoberfest, and not all of the the people still in London came.  Once we got to Oxford, our tour guide took us around the town pointing out different buildings, including one where some scenes from Harry Potter (the ones in the hospital wing at Hogwarts) were filmed.  All of the old college buildings are really cool.  After walking around for a little bit, we went to Christ Church.  Our tour guide took us around there, including in the church, the quad, and then the hall.  It was pretty cool for Harry Potter fans because the stairs up to the hall are where the scene where Harry and the other first years are waiting to go into the Great Hall happens.  The hall at Christ Church is actually a real life dining hall for students that go there.  Dinner is served casually at 6 something, and then they serve it again later but diners must wear their gown to that dinner sitting.  That hall is actually what inspired the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies, but movie producers had to build a bigger replica of it somewhere else because the cameras and equipment would not have fit in this hall. After the tour, we had several hours of free time to explore Oxford before we had to go back to London.  A group of us walked around looking for a good lunch spot, and Christina and I ended up eating at a place called Mission Burritos.  It was SO good.  It was the first Mexican food we had had since we got here, and it was just like Chipotle or Qdoba.  After lunch, we walked around checking out all of the shops.  Oxford seems like a really cool college town, just like we have in the states except way way older.  We did a bunch of shopping, and we were pretty tired by the time we had to meet everybody else  to go back to London.  We didn’t end up going out at night at all because we were all still pretty sick and tired.


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