sept 23

Sunday morning we got up and went to the Caen Peace Memorial.  We all thought that it was just like a memorial where you get out, take pictures, and then leave.  It was actually a really interesting museum about World War II.  It had background about how it started, and it had a lot of information about Europe/France (obviously), but it also had stuff about the Pacific war.  It was a really cool museum.  It also had a whole area for D-Day and another building about war since WWII, but we did not have time to go through that part.  The last thing we saw was a movie about D-Day.  On one side of the screen, it showed D-Day from the Allies’ perspective, and the German perspective on the other side simultaneously showing what each side was doing at specific times.  Apparently a lot of it was real footage, and it was really really cool.  After that, we got back on the bus to go back to Paris.  On the way we stopped at a gas station to get some food, and a bus full of old people had stopped there too, so that was funny.  Once we got back to Paris, we got on the Eurostar and came back to London.  We had only had limited access to internet the whole weekend and nobody had their computer, so that night Facebook pretty much exploded with posts and pictures from everybody from our group. 


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