sept 21

The next morning, we all had to be ready to leave the hotel by 8am, so we all brought everything with us to breakfast.  One girl in our group had her purse over the back of her chair, and turned around a little bit later to discover that it was gone!  It had 80 euros, her credit cards, her camera, her iphone, and her passport in it.  After a lot of searching for it, our group had to leave to stay on schedule, so we left with our teachers, and the girl and Claire stayed in Paris to try to get things sorted out and get a new passport so she would be able to come back to London with us.  We had a pretty long drive to get to Mont St. Michel from Paris, made even longer by an accident on the way out of Paris that caused major delays.  Once we finally got to Mont St. Michel, we had to rush to get out there, but not before our teacher’s wife told us to all go to the bathroom because all the bathrooms charged at the Mont!  The city was really really cool, and we got some cool pictures of the island(?).  As we went into the abbey, one of our teachers had to check us in and get our tickets because Claire was still in Paris with the girl that got her passport stolen.  The teacher didn’t really know what to do, and a French lady straight up YELLED at him inside the abbey for really no reason.  Everybody left going, “oh, so THAT’S why French people have a reputation as being unfriendly…”  The abbey itself was kind of boring inside, but it was a cool side trip.  After that, we drove to our hotel, a Best Western in the town of St. Malo.  We had a group dinner at a really nice restaurant that consisted of oysters, duck and potatoes, and then crème brulee.  We all tried an oyster, and then most of us decided not to have any more after we realized that they were still alive (they moved when we poked them).  One girl in our group liked them, and made a big deal of eating another one, but it got stuck to the shell and then fell out into her lap, which was hilarious.  The duck tasted like turkey, and the crème brulee was of course good.  The girl who got her passport stolen was able to get an emergency one at the American Embassy, so she and Claire took the train to where we were and met us in time for dinner.


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