sept 15

Today we slept in after getting up early the whole week.  After lunch we left to go to a Fulham vs. West Brom soccer game, tickets that we had gotten for pretty cheap from AIFS.  We knew that part of the subway was closed, but we did not anticipate it taking us around an hour and a half to ride the subway and a bus to the stadium.  Once we got there though, it was pretty cool.  Craven Cottage is the home field for Fulham, and one of the sides sits on the river, and it is a fairly small stadium.  The game was really exciting – way more exciting than watching it on tv.  We got to see two goals right in front of us, and a player from the other team got a red card.  It was really funny because he had to walk across the field to go to the locker rooms, and the crowd booed him and then chanted “cheerio” and waved.  After the game, we went over to Wood Green and got dinner (Subway for me and Christina, a gyro for Hilary).  We ended up going to the Church Pub later to meet up with some other St. Thomas people, so that was fun.


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