sept 13 and 14

Yesterday was fairly boring.  We just went to class, and then came home, ate, and went to a pub that’s really close called The Gate because they had 2 for 1 drinks on Thursdays.  Today we had to get up and leave by 7am because we had to meet kinda far away to go to Brighton.  We got to the meeting spot just fine, and met our guide Trudy, who was hilarious.  She’s a little blond lady who wore a big long Burberry down coat, and was always saying British things like “jolly good”.  It took 2 hours to get to Brighton, and most people fell asleep.  Trudy woke everybody up by whispering into the bus’ microphone.  The royal pavilion in Brighton was really really cool.  One of the kings built it, but he wanted it to be extra impressive so he had it build/decorated in a sort of Middle East/Asian style.  From the outside, it looks like it should be in India.  The inside rooms look very Chinese.  The banquet room is really really impressive – it had a gigantic chandelier that was being “held” by a gigantic dragon’s claws up by the ceiling.  This royal palace was really cool because it is so different from any other place I’ve seen in Europe.  After touring that, we had some free time to explore.  Most of us went down to the sea.  It was a giant pebble beach with a huge pier with carnival games and stuff.  There used to be 2 piers, but one burned down, and part of the burned out pier is still in the water, which is kind of creepy.  A bunch of us went on this platform thing and took pictures, and it was pretty funny because at one point a wave splashed up and totally shocked everybody.  After that, Christina and Hilary got fish and chips and we found some other people and wandered around the shops, which were really cute.  After that, we got back on the bus to London.  It was pretty funny – once we got into London, Trudy would tell us what celebrities lived/had house in the particular neighborhoods we were passing through (Robert Pattinson, Elton John, Hugh Grant, etc.)


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