sept 12

Today we had our first management class, and that seems like it will be ok.  After class, I went exploring a little bit, and I found a giant grocery store right by our tube stop at school where I finally found ranch dressing. Yay!  This afternoon, we had a British Life and Culture lecture, which was kind of interesting, and then we had a Normandy meeting.  Next week Thursday we are taking the train to Paris, and we’re coming back Sunday evening.  It’s a ton of stuff packed into the weekend, but it sounds fun.  We’re going to Paris, Normandy, Caan, Mont St. Michel (sp?) and another little town on the northern coast of France.  After the meeting, we ate and then headed over to the Globe Theater, where our class had tickets for Richard III.  The Globe is really cool, and we were only a few people away from the stage.  Unfortunately, it started POURING about an hour into the play.  We were prepared with rain coats, but we left at intermission because it was so cold and wet.  We didn’t feel bad once we saw our professors leaving at that time too.  It’s ironic that the first rain we’ve seen at all in London came when we were at an open air theater.  It was still cool though.


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