sept 11

Today was an early morning.  Hilary and I left for school at 8:10 because we’re both in Art History, which starts at 9.  To get to school we walk down to the end of our street, where the Alexandra Park railway station is.  We take an above-ground train three stops to Finsbury Park, where we get on the Piccadilly tube line.  We take that about 5 stops to Russell Square, and then we have maybe a 10 minute walk to ULU.  Our art history class is just once a week, every Tuesday morning 9-12:45.  It is taught by two hilarious British women who dress pretty sharply and play off of each other.  They are pretty entertaining.  Every single class except for one we go to different art galleries and look at paintings.  So basically, we have a private guided tour of different galleries every week as our class.  Today we went to the National Gallery, and even though I’m not super into art, I found it extremely interesting.  Our teachers are really really good tour guides.  This is going to be a really cool class.  After that, we went back to ULU and ate lunch, and then I had history 2:15-4.  We have another British professor for this, and he seems really cool.  I thought that this class might get a little dry, but on the syllabus he listed the topics for each week, and they all sound really interesting.  After history, I stuck around the ULU area so that Christina and I could go home together after she finished Business Law.  I picked up some of my books that came in the mail, and then I walked a couple of blocks over to where one of the AIFS people said that there was a Boots.  While playing soccer with Benedict the other day, I got bitten by mosquitos and the bites are driving me nuts so I was looking for anti-itch cream. (Mom, I know you’ll say to do the hot water thing, but I don’t like that.)  Interestingly enough, pain meds, Moltrin, Advil, etc. are all on shelves in the aisles, but bug bite itch cream is behind the counter and you have to ask the pharmacist for it.  After that, I checked out the Marks and Spencer that was nearby, and I was finally able to find some pretzels! Tomorrow is going to be really busy – class in the morning, British life and culture lecture in the afternoon, then a Normandy trip meeting, then we’re all going to see Richard III at the Globe (although it looks like it might rain, yuck)


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