sept 10

Today we had some time before our cultural adjustment workshop, so Christina and I decided to go to the British Museum, and Hilary stayed home to get some stuff done.  On the way, we decided to stop at King’s Cross Station and do a Harry Potter picture since it was on our way.  We couldn’t actually go to the platforms (9/10 or 4, which is apparently where stuff for the movies was filmed) because we didn’t have tickets, but the have an area set up for tourists that has a Platform 9 3/4 sign over part of a luggage cart that is sticking out of the wall.  We each took the required pictures by that, and if we ever take the train out of King’s Cross and therefore have a legit ticket, we’re going to look around the actual platforms.  From there we walked to the British Museum, which was honestly kinda boring.  Maybe we just went to the wrong exhibits.  The museum is free, and since it’s near our school, we can go whenever we want/have time.  After that, I went and checked my mail, where I had a British attachment for my Mac cord.  Thanks Stevie!  Then we went to school for the cultural thing, which was pretty boring.  The only interesting part was when the lady talked about traveling.  She gave us an overview of all of the London airports, and how to get to them.  She explained that you really have to be careful, because some of the airports that the cheap airlines fly into are hard and expensive to get to.  She also stressed the same thing about airports in other European cities, which I think surprised people.  After that, we had a break to eat dinner and then we had our first class, the EU econ one.  All 50 of us are in it, and it goes 5:30-9:15 every Monday night.  Our teacher seems pretty cool.  His name is Valencia and he is from Italy and seems very well traveled.  He like to do home swaps for vacations with people from countries that he wants to visit.  Although that class will be very long and therefore has a high potential to get boring, I think that he will make it pretty interesting.  


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