Sept. 8

Yesterday we had to go back to ULU because our whole group had to do a scavenger hunt thing.  We got into 10 groups of 5 or 6, and each group had 10 different places to take pictures in front of that belonged to the same category.  My group was entertainment, Christina’s group had athletic places, and Hilary had railway stations.  Our group had lots of theaters, abbey road, the london eye, the aquarium, the national theater, and other things like that.  We did pictures of the London Eye and aquarium first.  We took pictures from Westminster Bridge, and that gave us good views of the London Eye on one side and then Big Ben and Parliament on the other side.  The pictures are pretty because it was a really nice day.  Then we pretty much criss-crossed the city several times finding the other places on our list.  One of the theaters, which currently has Singin’ in the Rain, was kind of near Piccadilly Circus.  That’s a cool bustling area, with lots of places to eat and touristy shops and stuff.  Another cool place was Oxford Street.  We literally walked out of the subway station and a massive Topshop was in front of us.  We looked left and right and saw Gap, H&M, Zara, and tons of other stores.  The other girls in the group agreed with me that it was torture to have to walk down that street and by all of the shops and not even look.  For one of the stops (maybe the BBC headquarters?) we ended up in a really nice area.  They had a street market, and one of the stalls was selling REAL designer stuff (maybe like consignment or something), so they had LV, YSL, Chanel, etc.  As we were walking through that area, we stopped to take pictures of a really cool Aston Martin (Steve can probably figure out what kind it is).  As we were taking pictures, a guy came up behind me and this guy in my group named Shane, put his arms around our shoulders, and said “guys, you’re doing it wrong – you need pictures of you INSIDE the car”.  It turned out that he was the owner, so he unlocked it and let us take pictures inside of it.  Shane talked to him about the car, and the guy said that it cost 160,000 pounds, so over a quarter million dollars.  Then the guy got in, revved the engine, and then squealed the tires as he drove away (he might have been showing off a TINY bit).  Another funny thing that happened is that on the way down to the subway, we got stuck behind a slow family.  Some of us got around them and jumped on the train, but two people had the doors close before they got on, so they had to take the next train and meet up with us.  Our last stop was Abbey Road Studios, so of course we tried to re-create the famous Beatles picture.  The only problem was that a ton of other tourists also were, and that it’s actually a pretty busy street.  Cars in England have to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, so cars were getting pretty irritated at tourist who stepped out and slowly walked across the crosswalk while their friend tried to take pictures.  After that, we went back to school because everybody was exhausted from doing so much walking.  All of the groups shared, and the teachers had gotten us pizza.  It was interesting hearing about the other groups, and what they liked and stuff.  After that, we all went home.  The plan was to all meet at a specific pub, and then go to a club to celebrate one guy’s birthday.  We ended up getting to the bar right as people were about to leave (which was good because our group was definitely out of place at that bar) and then we went to a club in the Camden area, which has a famous market.  People from last year told us that Camden market is by far the most interesting and diverse and cool market to go to.  The area had a bunch of nightlife.  The club was pretty cool.  After that, we a night bus home.  (The tubes stop running around midnight and so do some busses, but other busses are designated “night busses” that run 24 hours).  It ended up that we took one bus that we have taken a bunch before, so that ride home kind of helped us figure out where things were in relation to where we live.


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