Sept 7

Today we woke up and took the train/underground to school to meet up to go to Hampton Court.  It was about an hour and 20 minutes to get there (on a bus).  The weather was really pretty – no clouds at all and I think temperatures got into the low 80s.  We went into the palace and through some of the rooms with a guide.  It was cool to see this palace after reading about it in books about Princess Elizabeth.  Everything looked really pretty because of the sun.  After that, we broke for lunch.  On the way to a cafe inside the grounds we passed the palace rose garden, which was really pretty.  We ate lunch, and then we met up with our guide who took us through some of the gardens.  They were so so so pretty because all the flowers were in bloom (look at my shutterfly pictures to see the gardens).  After that, we went through the maze (we found the middle), and then went back.  After we got back we hung out at ULU for a bit, and then we took the train home.  We went to the pizza pub again for dinner along with our classmate Kyle, who lives near us and doesn’t have a roommate yet.  (His roommate dropped out of the program at the last minute because his visa application got messed up and he didn’t get a visa).  Now we’re getting ready and I think we’re going to go to the Church Pub for a little bit and meet up with our classmates.


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