sept 6

Today we slept in a little, and then took the train/subway to school.  Since it was way later than rush hour, it went pretty quick.  As we were walking to the school, we stumbled upon a little farmer’s market that’s there every thursday.  It wasn’t really a lot of produce, more of stuff to eat for lunch, so we might go back to that sometimes.  Then we had our community service meetings, and I’m at a Catholic school for 4-11 year olds with 3 other people from St. Thomas.  After that, a ton of us went over to Buckingham Palace.  It was pretty funny because like only one person knew how to get there, so he led a group of about 25 people who blindly followed, so we all crammed into the elevators and subway cars together.  The tour was pretty cool. We went through the state rooms and a special exhibit of royal diamonds that was there because of the diamond jubilee.  After that, we ended up in the back on the lawn where the garden parties are held.  We walked through the back garden and then left.  


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