Sept. 5

Today we got up around 8:15.  I felt pretty quesy so I didn’t eat breakfast.  We walked to the end of the street, where the train station is, and got on a train.  We take an above ground train and then switch to a subway.  We take the subway a few stops, then get out and walk a bit until we get to “ULU”.  The subway station is weird – there are no escalators, so everybody has to cram into 3 giant elevators.  If you do want to take the stairs, it’s over 150,  and kids from last year said DON’T do it.  We heard from a police officer (who said not to have pepper spray or you’ll go to jail).  Then we heard stuff about classes, where stuff is, and the trips and cultural stuff.  We also found out that next week there’s another cultural thing that everybody does – we’re seeing Richard III at the Globe theater.  They talked some more, and then we had some free time for lunch.  We got sandwiches from a spot down the street from ULU.  Then we walked back to the union and got on a bus for a 3 hour tour of London.  We had a really funny guide who told us about a bunch of different buildings.  It was really interesting and we saw a TON of cool buildings/areas that we want to go back to.  We got out and walked around at Buckingham Palace and down the river from Tower Bridge, which was cool.  Once we got back, we walked to the Carphone Warehouse to get Hilary and Christina phones and sim cards.  After walking around that area, we went home.  We went to dinner at a little “Pizza Pub” which was REALLY good, and pretty inexpensive.  I feel like we’ll be back there a lot.  After that, we came back, talked to the family, and then divy-ed up the storage space and put our stuff away. Tomorrow we’re going back to school a little later to have meetings about our community service.  It looks like I’ll be working at an all girls school, so that shouldn’t be too bad.  After that I think we’re going to find the grocery store and explore around where we live.


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